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Change requests for Routing Utility (on OSX):

  1. Browsing/reading/selection of routing presets actually stored on the machine, instead of a static list of factory presets.
  2. Option to store a routing preset on the machine, in a given slot, with a given name.
  3. Option to rename an existing routing preset on the machine.
  4. Option to remove/rename locally stored routing presets.
  5. Obvious indicator on screen for Offline mode.
  6. Proper response to clicking icon in OSX dock when RU app is already open. The app does not respond, will not get selected.
  7. Fixing the problem when saving current routing preset locally. Something weird happens when typing the name, and for some reason an existing locally stored preset gets selected, wiping my changes.
  8. Support for faster communication between app and machine (on OSX). The midi link is doable but rather slow.

Looking forward to the Lion update. Thanks for that one.