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hi nick,

yes i want lots *more* perfection!

the routing utility is a nifty tool, but for awhile i thought my system was broken.  nonetheless, it helped me quite a bit with getting a handle on routing and how the front panel setup indicates it.

anyway, i did run into some problems with the routing utility.

here's what i found when setting up SP/DIF 3&4 inputs.  please let me know if i'm missing something or if this is known behavior.  i did search the forum archive for awhile.

using routing utility to create a new routing configuration to use SP/DIF inputs 3&4.

routing utility fails to connect input SP/DIF 3&4 to any target port.  the H8000FW front panel setup indicates that AES 17&18 are connected instead.

the routing must be changed to SP/DIF 3&4 via setup on the front panel.  then, after "refresh" is selected in routing utility, the connections in routing utility move to AES 13&14, with no change indicated on the front panel (good, they're still on SP/DIF 3&4.)   if this routing is then saved as a user preset in routing utility, and then the preset is reselected, all appears OK (the routing utility now shows SP/DIF 3&4 connected.)  subsequent selection of the preset appears fine.

the "initial" routing presented by routing utility after relaunching the app again indicates AES 13&14, while the front panel indicates SP/DIF 3&4.  selecting the preset "fixes" the routing that is displayed by the app.