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Hi Nick.

The MIDI port that is make available by the Dice firewire driver isn't working, while it used to work in the previous version. It was the only MIDI link I used between my DAW and the Harmonizer for getting MIDI clock into the H.

1) Computer already switched on. Next H. is switched on. Harmonizer is set to custom routing involving FIREWIRE1 bus used to connect Mac and Harmonizer. This routing worked like a charm on previous version, it was stored on the machine in internal memory. 

2) Eventide Dice control panel on Mac sees H8000FW device. Clock is locked at 48k. Normal operation mode. Harmonizer says FIREWIRE1 is locked and FIREWIRE2 is unlocked.

Apple Audio MIDI Setup tool in audio panel sees Event Dice 16 in/16 out.  My DAW (Ableton Live) sees it too and it works. I get audio in and out.

Apple Audio MIDI setup tool in MIDI panel shows Eventide Dice midi device greyed out, indicating it is inactive. My DAW confirms this, the Dice midi port is not shown anywhere in the lists of MIDI inputs or outputs.

3) I expect the Dice MIDI port to be active and available for use in the DAW.

WAIT! I may just have fixed the problem. While working down your questions I decided to do click the 'Rescan MIDI' button in the toolbar of the MIDI pane of the Apple Audio MIDI Setup tool. And presto, the Eventide Dice device icon suddenly showed up solid, indicating it's available now. A quick check in my DAW confirms this, it is now shown in the list of MIDI inputs and outputs, while it certainly wasn't before.

I still have to test the Dice MIDI port, but the problem seems to be that the Mac must told to rescan the MIDI devices by the Dice installer?

Another update tomorrow. 9:20 pm and haven't eaten yet. 😉