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The FF 800 is the WC source and the cable goes from the WC out BNC socket of the FF800 to the WC IN of the H8000 ("IN" is what you can read above the H8000 BNC socket). The termination is right on the OUT of the H8000. Why shall i terminate the WC IN on the H8000?

The ADAT I/O goes from the FF 800 to the H8000. Again, i changed NOTHING without the software of the H8000.The cable are not moved or someting. I can pull out the ADAT cable and it must sync the WC. But it don't sync after booting. The Input source has nothing to do with the WC sync. I can sync with wordclock and use the analog I/O.

When i set in the H8000 the clock source to ADAT, switch it off and boot again, the clock "ext" is locked. But the problem is not the WC cable. If i swap over to my Orville with the same WC cable it work instantly after booting the Orville.