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Hi t_t,

thanks for your help. I glad that i'm not the only person with this issue. So hopefully Eventide take it serious.

I know this issue. As i bought the H8000Fw (OS 5.5) i had the same problem and solved it with your method. But in this case i installed the new Dice and tried 20 different ways to get it in sync, but no chance. With or without Firewire, In/Out default presets in the H8000 makes no difference.

If i use ADAT as a clock it works, when i switch to WC and reboot is ADAT slipping.

I hope Eventide will solve this initialtisation routine in the software.

btw. TC had the same boot/sync issue on the M3000 when you sync it with WC and they know it and don't solved it. I hope Eventide is better.