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Not sure it will work with your set up, sorry don't know the G-Major unit.

But I placed the TimeFactor in the FXLoop of the modellers I have used… I then ran the TimeFactor in KillDry mode, which only passes the wet signal…. You then mix in the amount of wet dry on the modeller / FX unit.

If I had a preset that I did not want the TimeFactor on for, I just did not enable the FXLoop for that preset.

In fact this is still the way I run my Eclipse and Space now.

But this depends if the G-major had an effects loop that works that way??

I'm using multiple preamps :

guitar ~~>pedal effects~~>preamp~~>gmajor~~>time factor~~> power amp


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….is kind of what the signal chain looks like so I'm not running an FX loop through a single pre or modeller. The gmajor is an effects unit that (essentially ) does what the Time Factor does (although it's not as clean IMO). I'm actually having the same result w/ the GMajor which makes me think that the issue is with the GCP



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