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Thanks for the reply.

It is definately due to the OC-2, however I do not use the -2 Oct setting. I am mainly playing around the 12th Fret on the E string with the pedal producing the E 1 octave lower (like that of an open E), I do this for the tonal structure of the OC-2 (Synthesised and smooth). I certainly playing nothing lower than a B. I actually play a 6 string and can honestly say that with the OC-2 off the effect happily tracks the open B string without the 'fart' the OC-2 put in.

Actually if I have the OC-2 on and play something on my G or high C string I still get the distorted fart sound – It appears to be an inherent part of those 2 pedals working together.

As for the effect order – The OC-2 needs to come before my dirt effect and the pitchfactor after them. Reversing the effects removes the synthesised tones I seek to create. Thankfully most of the time I use dirt effects in conjunction with the OC-2 and as such the sound I hear through the Pitchfactor while using the pitchflex setting is masked by wals of fuzz and bit crushing… It's just the odd time that I use it on my 'clean sound' (which is the OC-2 on -1Oct mode) that it's an issue.