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Thanks so much for you quick responses Nick. We should be able to verify if this is the case as you see it.

I am sending a sine wave from Logic, out of my Aurora 16 and into the X-Desk. The VU on the metering section of the X-Desk reads 8dBu. I am then sending that out to the H7600 and it shows up as -18 on the H7600 (three green LED inputs lit).

Does that sound right? Something seems amiss to me unless this is just how the H7600 is calibrated.

On the X-Desk the VU reads 8dBu, as I said, before being sent to the H7600, but it also reads about 8dBu on the X-Desk VU coming back in from the H7600 with bypass active. I can switch between either signal on the X-desk easily.

However, just to recap, on the H7600 it reads -18 (with three green LEDs lit). 

Why would these LEDs not correspond at all? With the dBu it is receiving or outputing?

Does this have to do with the 25db of headroom you were speaking of? I know that my aurora has 16db of headroom at +4. So When I output -16dBfs from Logic, I get 20dBu on the Aurora.

But on the Eventide I get -40ish (with one green LED lit), even though when I come back into the X-Desk from the H7600 (in bypass mode) it shows the same 20dBu.