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Hi Fent,

Congrats. Yes it is an expensive piece of kit for sure. But it has some incredible fx and is more like an instrument in its own right rather than just an fx unit. Particularly good for electronic music especially trance and ambient, but then again its great for most genres.

While the H8000FW has thousands of presets, there is also the ability to create your own effects using the free VSIG (PC) program which allows you to manipulate the modules that make up each preset. That might take a little time to get your head around but there are user guides available from Eventide's website. Also the following is a good link to begin with


Also worthwhile joining the Eventide users group on yahoo which has recently started back up again. Loads of third party presets on there and quite a few tutorials which might be useful.


I am sure you wont be disappointed with the H8000FW. It is a beast 🙂

And yes, Happy New Year to all here 🙂