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Here is my most used latest presets for anyone who might be interested.
Details – Total of 33 Presets.
The first 12 are the ones I use most of the time at church and are mostly song specific however I do use some of these presets for multiple songs on some occasions.
The next 5 are my updated U2 presets
Blues Reverb
2 x Tremolo presets
2 x INXS presets
2 x Chorus
6 x Experimental Ambient type presets
1 x Poor mans Shimmer

These are all for the current relaxed version of software – V3 – 19.  You may want to backup before loading these on otherwise your presets will be gone ski!


1.  Backup your presets

2.  Unzip – Archive.zip file

3.  Open them in Eventide Factor Lib

4.  Sent to Timefactor & Enjoy.