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Nick and others, thanks for your help, here is what I am doing.

I have FactorLib 1.8 loaded on my Mac. Using 3.0.0 software on the TF pedal.
I launch FactorLib, connect the TF through the USB port. Go to the midi menu in FactorLib and do Config, to get FactorLib and pedal seeing each other.

I can then retrieve all of my existing presets from the pedal by doing the "open from Midi' command. This will pull all of my presets into the FactorLib window. I then open up another file with presets, including the quick access TF stock programs under the file menu in FactorLib.

I then select one of the stock presets, set my TF to the bank I want to send the preset to, hit the "send selected" command under the Midi menu and I get back…… Sending Presets.. Cannot send TF presets to unknown pedal…… i can then only click the ok button to get back to the main FactorLib window.

I can successfully send presets from some files, and not from the MadMac zipfile, or the stock TF ones that are within FactorLib. Am I missing something in terms of process on how to send a single preset to the pedal?

i have also tried to put the madmac presets into the file that I just pulled directly from my TF and send it to the unit that way, and I get BAD !! in the display on the TF

any help is appreciated, i have not done the reset on the box yet.