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Eventide Staff

Hi Sean

The message you are getting is because FactorLib is not allowed to send (for example) TF presets to something that is not a TF. Makes sense.

Your problem is that for some reason, FactorLib thinks that your TF is not a TF. Why is this ? A few questions:

1) When your TF is connected and powered up, does FactorLib title bar show "Factor Pedal Librarian (TF)" , along with "MIDI" at the bottom right ?

2) Does the MIDI Config screen show "TimeFactor Pedal" ?

3) Have you ever upgraded your pedal ? If not, download the Eventide Update Utility from the TF Support page and start it up to see if it recognizes your unit as a TF.

Note that "Send Selected" just sends the selected preset to the TF so you can hear it – it does not save it.