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Can someone at eventide explain to me exactly what the advantage is over having the source set to GUITAR if the BASS setting has better tracking? and what is the unit doing differently in these two modes?

I have a POG2 and I wish that I could get the Pitchfactor to do the same sounds it does, as well as it does it, I do understand that there will be improvements in the new version though… the octaves on the POG2 track better and they also have a kind of punch to them that I can't seem to get out of the Pitchfactor.

Would it be possible to change the Crystals preset so that the delay time will go down to zero? even if the repeats won't play in reverse anymore, I would like to be able to dial the delay back and use the reverb on it's own… maybe a longer reverb decay would be great too.

Would like to see a bit more intense filtering possible on the Micropitch effect too. Is that something you guys could potentially change?