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I am using an MFC with my Ultra (CH1), Triaxis (CH2), Modfactor (CH3) and Timefactor (CH4).

I am using the 4 cable method with the ULTRA for effects only.

I set up the first 10 IAs to control the Triaxis directly.

I am using Ultra presets on the MFC to send Program Changes to my two Eventide Factors.

Works well. A bit of a hassle to program the MFC – A LOT OF STOMPING!

I'm actually using a tennis ball to stomp with (saves my hands!), seated with the unit in my lap… Took me almost 2 hours to program the MFC to run through 100 presets for the Modfactor.

I entered all the mod preset names into Axe Edit, and weirdly the ModFactor accepts the name without me setting the Program Change specifically. The time consuming part is setting Ch2 and Ch4 to none!