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      Hello, Im from CHILE, SOUTH AMERICA well……

      I would  like to  buy a  midi foot controller   to use for my Timefactor and Modfactor…

      Which you have on your pedalboard ?? 

      which works best with stompboxes??

      I apologize for my  english.


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      Hi there,

      Depends on what you need, if you want a simple setup some folks use a midi mouse..this works only for midi program changes, I believe.

      For midi midi CC you will need something more complicated, I have tried and used :-

      1. Rocktron MidiMate … Found it complicated to program and you can not do tap tempo on the Factor pedals.

      2. ground Control Pro … Really easy to program and worked very well

      3. Fractal MFC-101 very configurable and lots of switches… Probably too much if you are controlling just the two factor boxes

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      I recently…like yesterday received my fractal mfc 101 in the mail to control my 4 eventides.

      Being my first swipe into the world of MIDI control I'm quite overwhelmed but excited about the potential.

      I'm looking for others who use the fractal for these and coming up empty…

      Anyone? Anyone?

      I will post soon about my progress.

      Wish me luck!

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      Liquidfoot Jr. 

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      I am using an MFC with my Ultra (CH1), Triaxis (CH2), Modfactor (CH3) and Timefactor (CH4).

      I am using the 4 cable method with the ULTRA for effects only.

      I set up the first 10 IAs to control the Triaxis directly.

      I am using Ultra presets on the MFC to send Program Changes to my two Eventide Factors.

      Works well. A bit of a hassle to program the MFC – A LOT OF STOMPING!

      I'm actually using a tennis ball to stomp with (saves my hands!), seated with the unit in my lap… Took me almost 2 hours to program the MFC to run through 100 presets for the Modfactor.

      I entered all the mod preset names into Axe Edit, and weirdly the ModFactor accepts the name without me setting the Program Change specifically. The time consuming part is setting Ch2 and Ch4 to none!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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