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Dear all,

I follow this thread with lot of attention for months but I cannot find any way to make my Factorlib works.
So, I am now just looking for the easiest way to find relevant settings. Yesterday I heard for the first time, a videotape with my band.

I tried to get good settings and I thought I reached my objectives, but at normal use (amp with higher level) in a live situation, the sound is not good at all during my solos.

All right I have many Edge sounds or Gilmour ones thanks to you all, but for really easy delay settings I don't have any relevant settings.

Could each one here please help me with just one of your favorite setting in order to learn and find mine? Sound I am looking for is known as being easy to reach but not for me. I am just looking for some Petrucci's ones on live materials.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who could post his own setting for a straight, single, simple delay with on average 350bpm, with short repeats.

Best regards