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Isn't the Pedal Power Digital only capable of handling up to 2 Factor pedals? It looks to me like it has thus even less capability than the PowerFactor (which unfortunately appears to top out at powering 3 Factors plus some other stuff).

If I'm understanding the variety of forum postings on this topic correctly, it sounds like the 400 mA supply current only works with 12V mode. In 9 V mode, each traditional Factor (other than Space) seems to want 1200mA  (according to the specs in the manual and consistent with the included wall wart power supplies).

It seems that Space is somewhat different than the 3 named "Factors". It has a dedicated tempo button and appears to draw quite a bit less power. but still 500mA in 9V mode. (as indicated by the specs in the manual as well as the power supply that ships with it. Space also runs an OS designated as 4.x – which just might hint at what's to come for the other factors. At least I'm hoping, since I like the patch assignment and switching user interface metaphor on Space (100 linear program slots without banks) much better than on the 3 traditional Factors (50 banks with 2 program slots each)..