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Can you guys consider adding 2 options for the next update (or maybe this one) for all factors?

1. Swtich layout option.  Add an option on all menus for the factors to be able to have the same layout on the 3 stomp switches like in the Space or a custom option.  Within the menu would be an option called "SW Layout", inside that would be three options: 1. Default; 2. Space; 3. Custom (where the user would tell the factor box what he/she wanted each of the three buttons to do).

2. Deault Play mode effect.  Add another menu option on all factors for the user to be able to select an effect of his/her choice when setting the factor pedal on play mode.  Within the menu, there would be an option called "PL Effect", inside that would be two options: 1. default (the play effect in play mode is the last effect that was active on the factor box); 2. Custom (the user would pick an effect he/she wanted to designate as the default effect that the factor pedal would change to when the user put the pedal on play mode).

Please, please, please incorporate those features into all factors.  If you can do it for the full blown v4 for all factors that would be great.  If that is too much to ask for this update, then pleae do it for the next one.  That kind of functionality from an accessibilty option is missing from the pedals.  If you decide to do it, please call it JB4674's mode.