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ix studio

Hi nick

                i am getting errors on every patch i  ' get ' and then try and send.I can get them fine.The only one that works is the  ' thru ' it seems.

I get messages like these relative to the patches

ams lucky man

ERROR:: 'in sw' is not an integer.
Line 2
ERROR: '0' is too small.
Minimum is 1
Line 2

Multi tap delay

don't know about an operator type 'taps'
ERROR- no operator of type taps.
Line 2

Vai shift 1

don't know about an operator type 'MEext2'
ERROR- no operator of type MEext2.
Line 4

Every patch in the Factory , user / card memory does this or everyone i tried accept the empty / thru ones.

I have tried update to 5.5 which i thought may help or cure any issues with the H8000 database ? which i thiought maybe the issue as you suggested , i have made sure that the database i download from the machine is the one vsig is seeing and tried all versions of vsig  , each time witha  fresh database downloaded from the actual machine.

Could this be a midi issue ?

I managed to install a serial card today in my daw as its Mb doesnt have one and that doesnt work , i cant even get the H8000 to see the serial ports on the card or ' get database ' doesnt work at all so its like a major confusion here , especially as i have had vsig running on and off for 4 years now on various installs and i am sure on this daw.

The errors suggest maybe what you initially suggested ? is the database being corrupted on download from the machine i wonder ? would a  5.5 update which i did not fix that in the machine ?

Its like their are missing modules in the machine.

Maybe a deep level reset of the machine is in order ?