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Eventide Staff

Ok guys,

I think I've figured out what's going on with your PitchFlex loading problems.  So first, I'll just describe the workaround that should fix the problem for now.   

I'll start by saying that Initialization and preset rebuilding should only be required if you made the preset prior to Version 3 of PitchFactor.  Otherwise, here is the workaround:

When creating a new PitchFlex preset that uses expression pedal or MIDI expression pedal, you must wiggle the expression pedal up/down or just move it to the desired sound you want to save at.  THEN save the preset.   Even if you don't plan on using the exp. pedal for that preset, if it's plugged in you should do this.  You can do this anytime, so if you have Pitchflex preset that's loading incorrectly, just load it, move the expression pedal, and then resave it.  This should fix the loading problem.  

Let me know if this works.   Now here's why that occurs:

This seems to occur when a PitchFlex preset is created from, or saved to, a preset that was originally based on another algorithm.  The other algorithm preset will have some expression pedal programming assigned to it.   PitchFlex doesn't allow exp. pedal programming like the other algorithms, as it exclusively uses exp. pedal for pitch bends.  If you save before overriding the previous expression pedal settings, the old preset's expression pedal settings will corrupt the PitchFlex load.