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I ended up getting the Pigtronics Keymaster to run the Timefactor and Space in parallel. It's working great and really cleans up the sound.

The routing out of my effect loop goes like: Amp loop send -> decimator -> Pitchfactor -> Keymaster In -> Keymaster Send A  -> Space -> Keymaster send B  -> Timefactor -> Space & Timefactor outs back to their respective Keymaster returns -> Amp Loop return.

Notes: The Timefactor has Killdry set to ON; being that Space is almost always active with reverb, I choose it to carry the direct signal.

The Pitchfactor is before the keymaster so pitch/whammy effects are split by the Keymaster into Space & Timefactor. The Pitchfactor bypass type is set to true bypass and the others are set to dsp + effects.

It really is an awesome setup I just wish Space had the same midi program change behavior as the Timefactor and Space but that's another topic.