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To tell you the truth, I bought the PF secondhand from a guy who bought it in the UK (I am in Belgium). Version 3.5Beta was installed from that guy. First thing that I noticed was the crackling sound ; when I played a higher note up the fretboard in the Octaver mode the (sub)octave sound starts maybe a half a second later with some crackling… I am sure this is a malfunction of the unit. If I play lower notes there is no crackling at all.

Then the second thing I noticed was the "whobbling sound" when I played very fast. The notes are out of tune. When I play the same notes slow , it doesn't occur.

I went back to V 2.3 now and the problems are still there.

I now of 2 cases ; 2 people who have the same problem (the out of tune-ness of higher notes when they are played very fast). One is on Youtube documented "HOG vs Pitchfactor part 1".

What I would like to know  is if all PF's have the same issue?The problem is not only in the Octaver setting but also in Diatonic and Quadravox if I use a low pitch setting (- one octave or something like that)..

If all units have that then are serieus tracking problems that need to be solved…