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      If I play fast notes in the Octaver mode (and in some degree also in Quadravox and Diatonic) there is a whobbling sound ; the notes are out of pitch at the beginning  (the attack) of the note and then they are normal. This happens whenever I play higher notes (fast) on the fretboard with an octave setting or something like that..

      I guess this is something that hasn't been solved cause I have seen the same problem with a guy on You Tube and there has been the same question by a guy named JeremyA on this forum and there was no solution/answer to this.

      Also, and I think this is something only my unit has : in the Octaver mode (only this mode) when I hit a note the tracking is like half a second late sometimes (when I play high notes on the fretboard) and there is a crackling noise ; almost like a pattern. Always when i play my first note. This is not a cable problem, it happens always at the same time and is like a pattern..

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      Same here!!!

      My ears never lie to me…V2.3 is by far better than V3.5!!!

      Updates have to improve…not to look back…

      I have installed V3.5 and at many algorithms,the attack of each note and the tracking have serious problems!!!

      Eventide,please stop caring for marketing with cheap products, and make them work as they have to be!!!

      Please don't lose your good name!

      You are and always be my favorite sound effects company!!!

      Please,improve those little boxes!!!

      Sorry for my honesty…i say that because i really care!!!

      And feel free to delete this post if it is bothering you!!!

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      Do you feel 3.0.0 is better than 2.3?

      I don't use the Octaver much but use the pitch flex and Harmodulator.

      Is the tracking better on those modes in 3.5? I'm hoping Eventide can get the tracking good enough that I can ditch my EHX Micro Pog – its the best out the EHX pedals and better than the Pitchfactor for handling chords.

      3.5 is supposed to IMPROVE tracking ya?

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      To tell you the truth, I bought the PF secondhand from a guy who bought it in the UK (I am in Belgium). Version 3.5Beta was installed from that guy. First thing that I noticed was the crackling sound ; when I played a higher note up the fretboard in the Octaver mode the (sub)octave sound starts maybe a half a second later with some crackling… I am sure this is a malfunction of the unit. If I play lower notes there is no crackling at all.

      Then the second thing I noticed was the "whobbling sound" when I played very fast. The notes are out of tune. When I play the same notes slow , it doesn't occur.

      I went back to V 2.3 now and the problems are still there.

      I now of 2 cases ; 2 people who have the same problem (the out of tune-ness of higher notes when they are played very fast). One is on Youtube documented "HOG vs Pitchfactor part 1".

      What I would like to know  is if all PF's have the same issue?The problem is not only in the Octaver setting but also in Diatonic and Quadravox if I use a low pitch setting (- one octave or something like that)..

      If all units have that then are serieus tracking problems that need to be solved…

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      The Eventide folk will have to confirm or disconfirm this but perhaps you need to "initialize" the PF to get that bug out, if it some how persisted even when rolling back to a previous firmware…???

      My PF got all whacked when switching to 3.5 and I lost all my presets, I've since gone back to 3.0.0 and I'm trying to build it all back up.

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      So you are saying that you don't have this issue, this "whobbling kinda out of tune-ness of the notes" when playing fast (for instance in Octaver mode)?

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      hello from france,

      i have the same tracking problem with my PF, and i notice that the eventide staff does not answer…

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        lukilukiluk wrote:

        i have the same tracking problem with my PF, and i notice that the eventide staff does not answer…

        We've had three engineers in the last few weeks emailing with a PitchFactor user who sent in an email to support about a tracking problem with accompanying audio samples.  If you'd like us to try to help you, I would suggest that you do the same.  Please make either audio recordings or a video showing the problem you're experiencing, describe your set-up, and email it to us ( so that we can discuss it.  Unfortunately, without more information it's hard to say whether what you're experiencing might be a problem in your set-up (e.g. your signal level going into the PitchFactor is too low), a problem with a particular firmware release, or a problem in the algorithm.

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