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I've given this a bit more thought. When it comes to reverb, I can put the Space pedal between the GT and my VS DAW. The Pitchfactor could be placed in the loop or before the GT-10. The problem is when I want to use my overdrive preset in my Space, whereby that pedal has to be before the GT-10's preamp, otherwise sounding like a blown speaker. Likewise, putting the Space's reverb presets before the GT's preamp is gonna make everything sound too distant. I would guess I keep the Space in the loop, and put the PF between the guitar and GT-10. I do however, use pitchshifting/pedalbend between the GT's preamp and its delay/chorus blocks in some GT presets. I did think of some sort of loop switching device, but it still defeats the ability to move two Factor pedals around the GT-'s signal path. I also looked at the Boss GT-100, and that too only has one lousy loop.

Hopefully, someone here will come up with a solution I haven't thought of.