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Sorry – the old method is not documented – it is there for use with sequencers, that record it and play it back. It was never intended for use otherwise and is too complex to explain.

To a lesser extent, the same is true of the "new" method, but this is simple enough and can be explained:

You will be familiar with the first few characters (F0 1C 70 1). The 3C is message type SYSEXC_USEROBJECT_SHORT.

Following this is an ascii hexadecimal value F0001 – this is the identifier for the parameter you selected.

Then a space.

Then, the value for the parameter, ascii value 209. This is probably also hexadecimal, giving 521 in decimal.

So, if you were to return this message, with a different parameter value it would adjust the delay. Note that preset parameters, like this one, only apply to the particular preset.