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select preset 23 on the g and send a prg message to select preset 23 on the mod i want that preset to be bypassed so that i can make it active when i want but not when i send the prg change

Here's how I've done it using the PitchFactor (remotely from an FCB-1010):

– Select the preset, and hit the switch again to put it into BYPASS.

– Save over the preset by the two long presses on the encoder knob.

– Send the corresponding MIDI program change number, and the preset loads in BYPASS.

– Tap the left/middle footswitch on the 'Factor when I want the preset to go ACTIVE.

It appears that the PitchFactor (at least) includes the active/bypass setting in the "saved state", along with the knob positions, tempo, and expression parameters (3.5.0[4]).  The program change will also "reset" the preset back to its saved active/bypass state; once it has been changed by the footswitches on the 'Factor pedal itself.