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      Hello all, i recently bought a mod factor, i'm using it with a TC gsystem, i'm sending the g's outs to the mod's ins, i want to change presets on the g while sending a prg change to the mod, but i want the mod to recall the selected preset in bypass mode, at the moment every time i change presets on the g, i have to press a switch on the mod to bypass that preset until i want to use it, If it were possible to select banks via midi prg change that would solve it, otherwise i can conceive of a workaround whereas i recall a blank preset for the left switch, so that i can recall the desired preset by pressing the middle switch, but would have to lose half my presets to do things that way, another way might be to set up my expession pedal to zero all settings on all presets, so that toe down would bring all parameters back to the values saved in the preset, but that would mean that i lose the ability to use the expression pedal for more interesting manipulation. Anybody got any suggestions, thanx, dennis

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      You can bypass via a MIDI CC message. You can also set the Factor Pedal to Bypass when it receives a certain Program Change number.

      You can change Banks via MIDI CC, but not MIDI Program Change.

      If you can transmit MIDI CC messages to the ModFactor, you will have more flexibility.

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      Thanx for your response, an example of what i want to do, say i select preset 23 on the g and send a prg message to select preset 23 on the mod i want that preset to be bypassed so that i can make it active when i want but not when i send the prg change, or to select the relevant bank via prg change so that i can get to the required mod preset by pressing left or middle switch.

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      I think I know what you mean. I have the same problem with the mod factor. It goes to active, when bypassed, when you send a prg change. See this posting:

      When you send a prg. change via MIDI. The modfactor changes to the program and activates it, eaven when it is in bypass. I think this behavior isn't right. The right way is, that the pedals keep its state, when receiving a programm change command via midi.

      I've a time factor to and it behavies exaclty the oposite way.


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      Problem solved THANX

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      I haven't solved my problem but have found an acceptable workaround, the gsystem has 18 footswitches some of which can be reassigned from their factory default, i have 2 of these switches that i'm not using, so i have assigned 1 of them to send out a CC message and set the mod to go into bypass when i press that footswitch on the G. I can save a preset in the g that has that switch set to the off position so that any preset i have saved in that way transmits the 'go into bypass mode' message when i select it. It has solved my problem but it would have been nice if i hadn't had to come up with this workaround, but these things keep the brain ticking, thanx for your input, dennis

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      select preset 23 on the g and send a prg message to select preset 23 on the mod i want that preset to be bypassed so that i can make it active when i want but not when i send the prg change

      Here's how I've done it using the PitchFactor (remotely from an FCB-1010):

      – Select the preset, and hit the switch again to put it into BYPASS.

      – Save over the preset by the two long presses on the encoder knob.

      – Send the corresponding MIDI program change number, and the preset loads in BYPASS.

      – Tap the left/middle footswitch on the 'Factor when I want the preset to go ACTIVE.

      It appears that the PitchFactor (at least) includes the active/bypass setting in the "saved state", along with the knob positions, tempo, and expression parameters (3.5.0[4]).  The program change will also "reset" the preset back to its saved active/bypass state; once it has been changed by the footswitches on the 'Factor pedal itself.

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      Thanx Brock, i wondered if saving a bypassed preset would do the trick but forgot to try it, my gear isn't set up at the moment, all my gadgets are in their boxes waiting to be mounted on a pedalboard that i haven't acquired yet, also 'underwood directed me to a link concerning the time factor which may be another solution but haven't yet checked if the midi implementation on the mod is exactly the same as the time factor, will try out and post results, thanx for your input, dennis

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      Hello Brock, just tried out your suggestion and it worked, THANX, dennis

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