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No, not exactly…just the way that the Eclipse is so modular it could in theory be made very close to Space.

For example, Eclipse does not have Shimmer….but I have a 3rd party library that contains a Shimmer preset as they made it from the ground up.

ModEchoVerb can be very similar to the Choral Canyon and Flange Canyon, EchoSpace Of God etc on the Eclipse.

It is a bit difficult to explain as the Eclipse approaches effects from a different way than traditional effects … IMHO.

Not sure if this is "Technically" correct, but the way I think of it is that ModEchoVerb on Space, for example, is made up of separate effects modules… Modulation and Echo and a Reverb…Eventide weave their magic and it ends up as a single Algorithm…on the Eclipse you have lots of separate effect modules that you can combine to make up an algorithm… but it is not that easy to do…. so mortals like me would find a preset that we like …say "EchoSpace of God" and tweak the components within that preset to make our own variation.

It is the same with Blackhole …on the Eclipse there is a preset called Blackhole 2 …. which gives you the Blackhole style sounds from Space….again Blackhole is made up of individual effect modules within the algorithm to make the overall effect.

Shimmer is the same, it is a combination of Delays, Pitchshifting, reverb and modulation, feedingback to give a cascading pitch effect …. all combined together to create Shimmer…. in theory you could do it with loads of separate stompboxes….but it would be very impractical.

Hope that helps, as I said… it may not be "Technically" correct…. but it is how a simple person like me thinks about it.