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Thanks for taking the time to reply – your response to your customers is great.  I got my pedal to function as you described.  It seems like the way things are set up, in order to use bank +/- on the aux switches, you also have to have an activate button on the aux swtiches. I do wish that wasn't the case because it prevents me from being able to use a 5 button controller to control my Space and Timefactor (with the tap tempo going to both – similar to E5 pedal from this1smyne).  In my ideal world, the activate function on the pedal itself should be useable after going bank +/- on the aux switches but I also recognize you don't always get everything you want in life. Just a suggestion for the future if it's even possible with the software scheme Eventide uses for the Space.

Again thanks for your help. I definitely love my Space and Timefactor.