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No, you cannot set the Space up the way I want it set up.  What I want is the ability to operate the pedal in play mode with the aux switches as: pre+, pre-, and tap tempo (even though play mode has a tap tempo on the pedal, I'm using external tap tempo so it sends the signal to both my Space and my Timefactor).

The Space does not currently allow a person to scroll presets +/- on the aux switches and then activate the new preset with FS1 on the pedal itself.  In order for a preset called up on the aux switches to be activated, you have to have an aux switch assigned to FS1 on alternate mode (but I don't have room for that because one of my three aux switch buttons needs to be tap tempo so it will signal to both my Space and my Timefactor).  What I want is for FS1 on the pedal itself (in play mode) to be able to activate a preset called up with a pre+ or pre- on the aux switches.  Mine cannot presently do that. I have tried it many times and it's not oversight or something the manual was not clear about.  Unless someone is willing to sit down with a pedal and physically accomplish what I saying, I would appreciate not receiving a response post telling me that it is possible.

I have no intention of being difficult or argumentative. I only want to clear so that you know exactly what I'm trying to do and what I'm requesting for future updates (if it's possible within your software scheme).  Thanks again for taking the time to interact with me.