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is the KB knobs for parameters? (sorry) Surprise

ok so i have solved some i have the midi for both on ch2 (i have apod x3 i may use here and there on ch 1.)

ok so chan 2 midi and the using loop #8 as a midi for the bypass both set at CC00

it works and then i find my midi and find what bank and try to match up 2:2 to GCP's 04

now when saving presets to use this unit as a free pedal (no loops) i'm having trouble getting back to the correct setting;

1.)  rhythm- no delay

2.) fat rhythm – no delay

3.) lead – with TF delay (it is on when i get to this patch.

now when i go back to preset 1 (no delay) it's actually on.

not sure on this once again.

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do you use the voodoo lab GCP?

how old is your kiddo? i'm off today my wifes out and i've got 4 year old and 2 month old

and this pedal keeping me busy. 

i went from all effects on the floor since the late 90's and finally got a switch system which is great but this tech stuff is crazy……..

http://www.freedomlevelmusic.com  http://www.reverbnation.com/freedomlevel

heres some tunes from an upcoming cd

thanks for your help man

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