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Yep KB3 is knob 3… Parameter 3 …."DLY Time B"

You would need to have the TimeFactor on a different midi ch than the GCX… Well you can have them on the same ch…but it can get confusing and a pig to troubleshoot …. iMHO.

If you have both loop 8 and the TimeFactor set to bypass on the same ch and cc… Then it will still bypass the loop too?

I used to have a GCP, But changed to an MFC-101 nearly a year ago….I like the GCP… I always found it very intuitive to program… Easier than the MFC-101 and midimate anyway.

One 9 year old here, fasts a sleep thankfully…. 2 month old? How's the sleep? LOL I remember the lack of sleep….killer! LOL but totally worth it.

It's late here, let me have a think about this….might need to know a bit more about how you are trying to set the GCP up and how you want to control the devices as far as IA switches.

I never owned a GCX…. Although I did look into one when I had the GCP