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The steps on a Space (should be same or very similar on a TimeFactor) are as follows:-

1. Press and hold the rotary switch and the right foot switch until bypass is on the screen

2.Turn the rotary until you get "MIDI"…. Press the rotary switch.

3. RCV Channel should be displayed (may be shorter on the Factors)…. Press the rotary switch

4. Turn the rotary knob until you get the Midi channel you want the factor to listen on…then press the rotary switch…. Let's say midi channel 9 for example.

5. Turn the rotary knob until you get "RCV CTL"… Press the rotary switch.

6. "Bypass < —" should be displayed by default. With the "<" flashing

7. Press the Right foot switch and the flashing "<" should change to a ">"

8. Turn the rotary knob to change the "—" to C0, C1, C2 etc. the number corresponds to the CC number… So C1 is CC1…. Select the value you want ( I used to us the same number as the IA switch on the GCP… So if it was IA switch 7 the I used CC7…. Where is could)…. Press the rotary switch.

Now on the GCP set the IA switch to transmit CC7 on Midi channel 9 and the factor should toggle between bypass and effect when you press the IA switch.