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Im afraid its back , im now on PT10.2 HD

Something ive worked out this time also, If i insert another eventide anthology bundle plugin such as "Factory"
into an insert slot first and then insert an eventide Reverb below it ,
it works as expected,

I can then remove this "factory" plugin from the first slot and continue to use Reverb as expected.

Sometimes after inserting another plugin in front of the Reverb and then
removing it, instantiating a new instance of reverb does not require
these steps as long as you do not close or reopen the project.

The fault occurs every time i open a project from ProTools but does not always re occur until opening a different project.

I have attached a flash video to demonstrate the problem.

[View:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7388077/Eventide Reverb Bug.zip:550:0]