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ok i am going to list what my TF has listed in the settings; however, i did call line 6 and it does seem as if the POD X3 has aset midi functions meaning there is not a way to change anything in there other than what midi channel the POD receives.  for instance CC6-15 i believe switches the amps on and off as well as volume in the pod.  now physically i have the GCXmidi out to TF midi in TD midi out to POD midi in.  once again pod midi channel 1 and TF midi ch 2.  so physically they are hooked up backwards.  Line 6 asked if TF was sending anything else out that would be changing the amps on/off. 

here is tf in set up mode:

Pod set to midi 1 in pod and gcp

TF set too midi 2 in gcp

Gcp instant access button is ch 2 cc 7

TF midi

RCv ch 2

Xmt ch 2

RCv CL byp <7

Xmit cc pdl < 15

RCv map

Xmit map 1:1 <0

Ctl Xmit off

Pgm Xmit off

Sys Id id 1

Output thru

When I hit button 8 the delay comes on and I lose one amp setting line 6

 hope this helps i maybe stuck,