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      ok  few weeks back i posted about using the TF with the Voodoo Lab GCP/GCX via midi so it is no in a loop, it wokr great.  no then, i have added a POD X3 pro (not in a loop,  it's used for monitor mixes or small shows).  Now out of my gcx (midi out) to time factor (midi ch 2) out of that into pod (midi ch 1). I use instant access mode and 4 preset bank method. I have successfully made button 8 the bypass for the timefactor (works great). Now I've incorporated the pod and on most patches when I hit button 8 to engage the TF,  the pod (I use dual mode) will disengage amp channel two? Anyone care to offer thoughts on this? I only want pod to change presets not to disengage a full amp within itself.  So the POD is always on all pod presets are in dual amp mode so i do NOT want these off but like i mentioned when i engage the TF the POD's amp #2 (dual) will disengage NO SOUND.  sorry for caps just emphasis. 


      rex gordon

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      Hi Rex,

      It sounds like the MIDI command which you have set up to Bypass/Activate the TimeFactor is also changing the amp setting on the POD. So maybe you need to use a different MIDI command to do that, or change the setting on the POD if possible. For help on this I would contact Line6.


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      will do…thank you

      now midi command, is that the "CC" ?

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      Yup, midi CC.

      This is one reason I prefer to have devices on different midi channels, makes this sort of thing easier. iMHO… But I know some folks like to keep all devices on the same channel.

      Pare you sure that the Pod is not set to the same midi channel OR set to ALL or OMNI…i.e. set to listen on all midi channels?

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      i checked the TF and the POD and the POD is NOT on omni but is on channel 1.

      The TF is on midi channel 2

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      that is odd then.

      From what I can remember the GCP can not send CC's on more than one specified channel (this was one of the very few reasons I sold mine)….. but can it SEND on OMNI? not sure but if it is sending on ALL channels then that would have the same effect.

      beyond that, I dunno, sorry….. back to Line 6

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      ok i am going to list what my TF has listed in the settings; however, i did call line 6 and it does seem as if the POD X3 has aset midi functions meaning there is not a way to change anything in there other than what midi channel the POD receives.  for instance CC6-15 i believe switches the amps on and off as well as volume in the pod.  now physically i have the GCXmidi out to TF midi in TD midi out to POD midi in.  once again pod midi channel 1 and TF midi ch 2.  so physically they are hooked up backwards.  Line 6 asked if TF was sending anything else out that would be changing the amps on/off. 

      here is tf in set up mode:

      Pod set to midi 1 in pod and gcp

      TF set too midi 2 in gcp

      Gcp instant access button is ch 2 cc 7

      TF midi

      RCv ch 2

      Xmt ch 2

      RCv CL byp <7

      Xmit cc pdl < 15

      RCv map

      Xmit map 1:1 <0

      Ctl Xmit off

      Pgm Xmit off

      Sys Id id 1

      Output thru

      When I hit button 8 the delay comes on and I lose one amp setting line 6

       hope this helps i maybe stuck,

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      but i am not sure if the physical order has anything to do with it.  i'll head back to my rehearsal room

      and check this, don't know why i haven't yet,

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      what is the xmit ch?

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      The transmission channel on whitch the pedal sends midi data out.

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      should this be off?

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