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I've tried out 2 other expression pedals too.  A moogerfooger 39 dollar expression pedal and a yamaha expression pedal.  both with trs connectors which don't work right.  No matter what the manual says it takes a TS connector (my experience).  I've had to cut the stereo plug and do trial and error till I got it to control the values on my time factor. 

The other problem I had is that you'd press down the pedal and nothing would happen for 2/3 of the way and then it would kick in.  I couldn't adjust the pedal to control the parameter utilizing the full toe to heel motion of the expression pedal.  This happened on both of them.

I have an ernie ball volume pedal now which has taken the place of the other expression pedals.  I hooked it up with a mono cable and works brilliantly. try it out.