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I don't know a lot about Midi, but I do know that I am having a lot of
trouble getting the expression pedals on the Behringer to work with my
ModFactor and my Space. In my previous post I said it's not complicated to assign presets to buttons, but the expression pedals I just can't get working. I bought a Behringer because it was cheap, but all the rest of my gear is top quality so I think I'm going to move up as well. I had a look at the websites for Line 6 and Yamaha. The Line 6 seems like it's only compatible with Line 6 products (not sure which one you're looking at but the ones that I saw didn't have midi out) and I couldn't find much information at all on the Yamaha MC5 because it says it's discontinued.

I suppose it all depends on your budget – have you looked at the RJM Mastermind? I know Roland is good as well, Voodoo Lab should be great but I'm not sure about the Yamaha if it's not designed for guitar.