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In this article it sais:

" Pedal Board Suggestions

Here are some currently in production MIDI pedalboards we can suggest (or not):

  • Supporting 7 pin MIDI Remote Power:

    • Digital Music Corporation "GROUND CONTROL PRO"
    • Lexicon "MPX R1"
    • Rocktron "ALL ACCESS", the most omni-comprehensive MIDI language foot controller (notes on/off, sysex, etc)

  • Non supporting 7 pin MIDI Remote Power:

    • Yamaha "MFC-10"
    • Rocktron "MIDI MATE"
    • Behringer "FCB1010"

All of these units work fine with our products. Each one has different features and common ones. You will need to check their manuals and decide which one best fits your demands.

All of them support MIDI Program Change and Control Change messages. Some have one or two pedals already built in. All of them have extra inputs to accommodate one or two pedals/switches. "

So if Yamaha MFC 10 works fine I think the older Yamaha MFC 05 works too(I hope). I still don't know if ENGL or TECH 21 works and which is better to choose.:)

Well, the budget:

Yamaha mfc 05 I can have for 50$ (used), Tech 21 Moose for 250$ (new), Engl Z10 for 220$ (new) – so You can see the differnce,