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If you are planning for a new software update… :

I had read at another forum from a former Eventide design engineer that the stompboxes miss most of the inner parameters that are critical for the great Eventide sounds…

So,can you add those parameters as secondary parameters under the knobs?

like,having the basic parameters at one knob like we have now and entering the system menu and find the "secondary parameters" mode,enable it and then control the secondary parameters with the knobs.What do you think?

Another sounds that i really like are from the tape echo machines…like the Echoplex EP-3,the Roland space echo re-201,the Binson Echorec and the Watkins Copicat…but since nobody want to carry tape echo machines to gigs,cause of weight ,maintenance and repair,that's why i like the strymon el capistan.

Can you give us the three distinct tape machine types, each with three separate modes that the el capistan offer? plus the Sound on Sound mode?

I know that you asked about analog delay sounds that we like,but for me,i wanted to ask those two things.