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A good analog delay sits *under* the original signal in a very nice way. You can dial it up pretty high with a lot of feedback and still hear the original sound very clearly. This is *not* a simple EQ curve but the ghostly quality of the repeats. It's not EQ – just ask the guys at Strymon. 

Now there are several different kinds of analog delay tone. They basically fall into two camps – the dark or the bright repeats. Dark repeats are what I hear in a Carbon Copy – there is a graininess and a subtle cutting of highs (probably to trim clock noise). Bright repeats are what I hear in a good Deluxe Memory Man – the first repeat is fairly pristine and then there is a subtle degradation of the low end as the echos repeat. It's the classic U2 tone.  While I'm not looking for modeling really I would like to have both options. Honestly I'm a HUGE fan of the DMM sound and no one has even gotten close outside of Strymon.

This is part of the reason that I hear the GC guys recommend the Vox DelayLab – folks really want a decent analog delay sound. Tape delay is cool but the analog delay sound is different. 

 I'm wondering what you guys could do with the power of the TimeFactor and the maturity of your engineers. 

still want the option to set Golden Ratio delay times on a single channel as well. Please check out my previous feature request. Please 🙂