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Yeah, sorry about that.  I am absolutely disgusted by Apple and have stopped developing software for both OS X and iOS.

My conjecture:  I have been starting to wonder if Jobs was angry about getting cancer and the idea that he couldn't absolutely control his own world, and if he then displaced that anger onto Google/Android/Samsung/the world/etc.  I don't know whether the current Apple management team is carrying on the battle in deference to his memory, or whether they don't have the skill Steve had at design, so they have to make up for it with litigation…?

As for a Windows version of the Eclipse editor, that might not be out of the question.  I have been working with QT, a cross-platform development tool, and a buddy told me I can get a free compiler for Windows, so I might give it a try.  I don't want my disgust with Apple to get in the way of my love for Eventide products…