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kevin hunter

Hi Exhausted and Mozzriot,

Thanks Mozzriot  for bringing this up this question. please lets us know if you find out more. 

Big thank you Exhausted, 

I have a similar setup and have been trying to get my EFX 3 to work with an expression pedal controlling different parameters with all my Eventide Factor pedals and Space pedal as you have have just explained. I will try it tomorrow.

My Eventide pedalboard setup:

EFX –  Time Factor ( midi prog. channel 1) – Space ( midi prog. ch 2)   – PitchFactor ( midi prog. ch 3)  – Modfactor (midi prog. ch 4)  

I would like to ask a couple of questions. 

Have you tried to do your setup with multiple boxes and have the single expression pedal control various parameters in different boxes at the same time? That is my goal. 

At the end of you email you said the expression pedal would vary the mix from 0 to 100 thats from the EFX perspective, but if you wanted your actual parameter width within lets say the TimeFactor mix to be 5 to 10. I would have to plug in the exp to the TimeFactor pedal and within that specific preset create that movement. Is that a correct line of thought?  And then the same would follow with the other pedals… ?

Thanks for your help