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Hi Dan,

Thank you again for your continued help to try and fix this bug, as well as the information regarding adjusting the output level.  Unfortunately, even with your suggested fix there is still a dry signal coming out of the Space during patch changes.  I made sure the Global mix was "on" and set to 100% wet.  After that didn't work, I double checked the presets, and can confirm they were set to 100% wet and successfully saved.  Exact same issue as before, 1-2 seconds of a volume spike and what sounds like a flanging effect.

I'm sure you guys are just as frustrated as me, if not more so, but I really do appreciate your efforts to try and correct.  It's truly a phenomenal pedal, and personally one of my favorites (I own two in fact).  I'm confident there has to be someway to fix this error; do you have anymore suggestions that I can try in the interim?

Separately, if you are working on a software update fix, I am happy to help beta test if it would be beneficial.  Please let me know if I can help get it going, regards