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Well, I'm glad Eventide is finally taking a look at the problem and considering it may be a bug. I've brought up the issue regarding the lag and volume swell multiple times without any significant response.

Perhaps the key difference here is the flanging sound when switching that indicates the dry signal is being introduced back to the signal. I’m slightly embarrassed I did pick that out before as I was mainly focusing on the swell and lag but I tested it again tonight and I definitely hear it.

I still recommend as a work around for those that find the unit unusable in a live situation do to the lag-volume swell-flanging between program changes to use CC messages to change the parameters in a preset you like. I’ve been really happy doing just that for the basic meat and potato sounds in my rig.

When I need something “out there” I can deal with the 2 seconds of weirdness but when I’m going from a clean passage to a heavy grind and I need my verb to go from big to just some light ambiance, it must happen without a glitch. CC messages on the mix and decay work great for that; probably better than a program change ever would.

I must mention for anyone who may be clever and try to control the hotswitch via CC that it’s a little funky too; you’ll likely hear some artifacts at least that was my experience, YMMV. I found simply controlling mix and decay to be perfect for my application.