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I am using a RJM Rack Gizmo looper, with a Mark L Custom FX-25 ACE foot controller.  Very detailed spec sheet below, only thing not depicted is my MIDI change, which is a direct line from the ACE to the Rack Gizmo, which then feeds into a MIDI Solutions Quadra Splitter.  Quadra feeds my ModFactor, Space, and Strymon TimeLine direct.  I bought the Quadra to try and trouble shoot the phase issue, I had the same issue prior to using it.

I got the same issue running the Space by itself with KillDry on.  Additionally, when I run program changes in my rig with just the Space MIDI coord disconnected, I don't have issues either.  Granted the Space pedal does not change patches, but I believe it proves that the MIDI controlled patch changes are the issue with the Space, the rest of the rig works fine when the Space is not receiving MIDI patch change (or "stay the same") messages.

Regarding your request for a syssex file, I am happy to help, but have no idea what that entails.  I am hesitant to erase all my presets again after the last test, but if it would help you to find a solution to the bug I would be willing to learn.  Please let me know what you would like me to do.