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Thank you very much for the detailed response Russel, very helpful.  I will go through your suggestions below:

1) Check.  Will try and complete tonight on my Mac, very good instructions.

2) No, I have not.  I will try this per your recommendation after #1

3) If you check with Jerome H. from email tech support, I sent him a video of the error on 4 Sept.  I originally made the video for RJM Music due to thinking it might be a Rack Gizmo error, but after extensive testing with Ron it appeared to be localized to the Space pedal. (The most conclusive test I tried was simply removing the MIDI cable from the Space while leaving its loop active in my rig.  I went through a series of rig program changes with no phase issues whatsoever. When I completely remove the Space, the issue does not happen either)  I am still open to any and all possibilities, but the testing results seemed to be pretty specific to the culprit, even if we don't have the specifics yet as to why.

I completely understand that updates can take time, and I am very thankful that Eventide puts the support and resources into providing them to their customers.  The Space is an incredible pedal (I think I mentioned I owned two), along with my ModFactor, TimeFactor, and two CIOKs power supplies.  If it does turn out to be a software issue that requires a patch to fix I can work with that, I just want to know if that is the case so I can stop wasting both of our time troubleshooting other solutions to no avail.  I appreciate your additional help in resolving, and will try your proposed solutions this evening.  Cheers.