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Hi Nick, an update on Mountain Lion support.

I updated my music Mac Pro to Mountain Lion 10.8.1 and Eventide v5.6-beta2, and bypassed the GateKeeper as described above. This Mac has a straight FW400 connection with the H8000FW and Eventide Dice control panel detects the Harmonizer just fine, as I hoped (pfew).

Haven't done any audio tests yet, but the main point is that Mac and H8000 do connect under Mountain Lion.

So I'm now assuming that the problem on my new Retina macBook is in the new connection: Thunderbolt -> FW800 -> FW400 -> H8000FW. Maybe the Eventide driver has to flip a switch somewhere in OSX, maybe my cable setup simply sucks. 

I'll do some more research and report back.