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I'm listening to Ableton Live on the new Retina macBook Pro laptop running Mountain Lion using the Eventide Dice Firewire driver (v5.6-beta2), through my beloved H8000FW. 

Physical setup is macBook Thunderbolt port -> Apple Thunder to FW800 adapter cable -> iWires FW800 to FW400 cable (2m) -> H8000FW Harmonizer.

I get a FIREWIRE1 OK lock on the Harmonizer, and so far (5 minutes) the audio sounds just fine. No glitches.

The problem was a dodgy connection of the FW cable in the back of the H8000FW. I have to butcher (strip away some of the connecter's plastic) all FW cables to make them fit in the back of the Harmonizer due to the FW sockets positioned too low in the back panel. The FW cable simply won't fit without it. Maybe there's a fix for this? Can the IO sub-panel be re-seated in the back panel?

Can't continue the test now but things are looking good. Will report back.