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if you use the boss fs-6 i can try with the behringer ab 200 which is supposed to be a clone right?

The AB200 is wired differently, uses TS jacks, and appears to be set up for switching audio signals.  The Boss FS-6 has separate TS jacks for A & B, a combined TRS jack for both A + B switching, plus a polarity switch and momentary / latching switch for each output A and B.

I can't say that the AB 200 would work correctly, and it seems to me that you'd have to create some custom cables at a minimum.

with the FS-6 can i use both switches one to scroll down and the other to scroll up?

Yes (BK+ and BK- in Bank mode).  In Play mode, FS3 would get you Bank Up.  Keep in mind that the FS-6 needs a 9V battery / power for the LEDs (it won't switch with it). You might want to defeat the 9V switching at the input jacks, or supply it from your pedalboard.  Multiple FS-6's also lock together mechanically.